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Concerned About Hair Loss?

Regardless of gender, age, profession or position in life, hair is important. Especially when it’s your hair.

Just as your eyes are the windows to your soul, your hair is as much a reflection of your personal style and your professional image as your clothes, your shoes, your home and your lifestyle.

That’s certainly the story of my life. Like most men, my hair has always been an extraordinarily important aspect of my personal brand. When it’s on point, I’m confident. And when it’s a mess, I don’t feel like myself.

Time Marches On

So in my 30’s when my hair began to thin on top, I honestly began to panic. “Am I going to end up looking like everyone’s Uncle Max and that embarrassing ‘rug’ on his head he thinks none of us know is a toupee?” “Should I just shave my head and give up?”

Having been a hairdresser and salon owner for nearly four decades in Des Moines and Las Vegas, I've had discreet access to every professional elixir, potion, powder, hair piece, and comb-over styling technique the world has to offer. So I spent years trying nearly all of them to make the most of what little hair remained on top of my head.

My thinning hair challenged my confidence. My interest in going out and socializing took a backseat to staying in. Go for a swim? Not a chance. Drive a convertible with the top down? No way. My hair loss was changing my personality. And while I tried to hide it, my hair loss was taking a quiet toll on my entire life.

Life-Changing Discovery

Through the professional hair stylist network I've developed over decades in this industry, I was introduced to the newest and most popular hair loss solution on the market today. Hairskeen is a remarkably natural-looking hair replacment system that works and looks better than any solution I've ever known. It's a non-surgical hair replacement method that looks and feels like the natural hair you wish you had again. And Hairskeen was expressly created for men of all ages who want the opportunity to play around with their hair and try different styles and looks.

To be honest, Hairskeen has absolutely turned my life around. And it is quietly, discreetly giving confidence back to many of my long-time styling clients who see me regularly in my private, single-chair shop in Historic Valley Junction on the southside of Des Moines. If you’ve read this far, I'm guessing it can do the same for you.

I built this simple website to introduce you to the Hairskeen solution because I’m living proof of the extraordinarily positive impact this new technology in hair replacement can have on men of any age whose hair is important to them, whether they want to admit it or not. And I'm really excited about how it has brought me back to being me.

Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

If you're intrigued by my own Hairskeen hair replacement story and how my decades of styling experience might help you, let's talk. I invite you to meet with me at your convenience in my Valley Junction studio for a private, confidential, professional consultation. I’ll show you how the system works, how easily you can attach and remove your Hairskeen hair replacement, how you can blend your existing hair with your replacement for a seamless appearance, and yes…how you can confidently swim and drive that convertible with a full head of hair that looks exactly like your own.

And if you're not quite ready to chat one-on-one just yet, follow me on Facebook and Instagram where I post all kinds of content you might find interesting...and maybe even inspiring!


Free Consultation

Please call or text me directly at (515) 229-0949, or feel free to email me at to set up your own private, one-on-one introduction to a hair replacement opportunity that packs the potential to change your life overnight.

Your complete privacy and my absolute discretion is assured.